About me

Mandy So glad you came to visit my little piece of freedom.

I am a mom, grandmother, and wife of a fabulous man. I am a California native city girl. I married an Arkansas farm boy and together we are developing a suburban homestead .

We have kids, a swing set, chickens and rabbits, a lemon tree and a blackberry bush. We go to church, play at the park, repurpose as much as we can and try to be as self sufficient as possible. We dream about being off grid and try to pinch pennies where ever possible.

My hope is to develop a relationship with my readers so we can exchange ideas to reach our goals to make our homes a practical homestead.

Do you have a homestead? Even with a balcony you can have a homestead. It is possible for every family to become homesteaders. I want to encourage you to become more self sustaining on your suburban homestead.

We can teach our children the blessings of hard work and innovation. There is more to life than working for the weekends. Our children need to learn that hard work pays off and that the fruit of their labors can be pretty yummy.

I hope our Corner Homestead can encourage you to make changes for the better, be more self sustaining, and see how life can be more rewarding on your homestead.