Apricots for the Future

October 8, 2016
Basket of Apricots

Quite a few years ago my husband planted an apricot seed in a pot. It was just from the grocery store produce we ate, nothing special. He had a vision. I didn’t realize he was a planner, yet he is the most patient man I know.

Apricot Tree

He’s likes to grow his plants in pots, but with my much prodding, he finally put it in the ground. Over in the corner of our yard now stands a good size tree that gives us a tasty harvest. It is next to the chicken coupe and it also gives them cool shade.This tree has been a labor of love. It has not grown this productive because it was left alone. My hub has trimmed it, pruned it, cared for it, fertilized it. watered it, and watched over it. See my other posts on his free and productive fertilizers. Because of his careful and patient attention it is now giving us a bountiful harvest.The tree is now approximately 6-7 years old. We don’t remember exactly when he started the seed. It was in a pot for a while and seemed like it took forever to even look like a tree.When planted in the ground it finally took off. He has researched how to care for it and it has proven to be worth the effort. He is a youtube watcher and gains much knowledge from some of the gardeners that have channels.

Unripe Apricot

My hub and son have harvested almost 20 pounds so far and there are a few more still on the tree.

Basket of Apricots


Our first basket weighed in at 8.5 pounds. So far I have tried a few recipes. The rest I have frozen for future consumption. My favorite so far is frozen, chopped apricots sprinkled with stevia and topped with heavy cream. A healthful, easy dessert.
So if you have the patience, starting a tree from a seed does pay off. Any seed will do. We also have an avocado tree that is about 3 feet tall. Ill keep you updated on that. No fruit yet and I’m still researching its needs.
Happy seeding!




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