Cast iron skillet cleaning that will change your life

November 12, 2016

I love to use my cast iron skillets. They have been passed down throught the family. One even made a move from Kansas to California in the 40’s. I plan on passing these on to my daughters so they can continue to use them in their kitchen. But, caring them can be a chore….until I discovered this.

Cast iron is the healthiest way to cook. You can actually transfer the iron from the skillet to your food to make it more nutritious. I have used cast iron for years and I finally figured out a way to make my grungy skillets look like new.

Grungy Skillet….yuck!

I also use this method for my grates on my range. Scrubbing the grates on the stove can be quite a chore especially when you cook as often as I do. They are often black when they should be a nice smooth grey. I can only put up with that so long and then I get down to business and get them clean.

On a cool day when I know I’m gonna be home, I get to work. Well really it’s no work at all except to open all the widows, get some fans in place and open the oven.


I put the grates, and the pans in the oven and set it to clean for 2 hours. Yes that’s it..easy peasy. I turn on fans to get any smoke to go out of the windows and just wait. With this method my grates get clean, my pans get clean and my oven gets clean all at the same time. And I get to teach school and tend to other chores. I let the oven do the work for me.








I finish the process by rinsing off the ashes and there it is. Clean and like new. How fab is that? This process is so easy and effortless.

Why don’t you try cleaning your cast iron this way and let me know how it goes? Leave a comment below, I’d love to get back to you. Now that the days are a little cooler its ok to have the oven on for hours and the windows open.

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