Harvest of Sweet Potatoes

December 20, 2016

We harvested out sweet potato crop. We grew it in a grow bag. I did a post in the past that explains our method of planting. So today we finally collected our harvest.


Unfortunately it wasn’t what I had planned. The bounty was much smaller on what I had hoped for so next time I need to change some things.


I have some resources I will certainlly check out next time. Sweet potatoes grow in warm weather and are best harvested in the beginning of fall. Since we live in Souther California fall weather comes very late. It barely cooled of until just the other day. We waited for cool weather and watched for the leaves to turn color and die back a bit. We fed the leaves to the rabbits and they loved it.

Ill have to let you know how I decide to cook them later. It might be quite a challenge since most of them are much smaller than I had anticipated.

Some good books I will be checking out for further info on planting sweet potatoes.

Gardener’s Guide to Growing Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potato Culture in the Vegetable Garden (Gardener’s Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden) (Volume 7)

Urban Farming: How ro Grow Sweet Potatoes


Also cooking sweet potatoes. They are so nutritious. We eat them often and they don’t need to be sweetened. We eat them in savory recipes often. So yummy!

The Best Sweet Potato Cookbook You Will Purchase for Yourself!: Enjoy This Complete and Awesome Sweet Potato Cookbook!

Well that’s all for now………..Do you have any advice on growing sweet potatoes? I am always interested in my readers input. Thanks

Merry Christmas.

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