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My Hen Has Spurs?

December 12, 2016


Yesterday while feeding the chickens my son spotted a weird claw on the back of my oldest hen’s leg.

I was so surprised when I saw spurs on the back of her legs. They seemed pretty large. How strange that we didn’t notice them before. They actually looked painful. Large claws were hooking down from the back of her leg.

Of course, I wasted no time in looking it up and found out it is not uncommon. Older hens my get these but it could also make them aggresive and dangerous to the rest of the flock. Here are two places I found on the web on how to treat these hidious intruders.

Can you see it on the back of her leg? It’s so large it looks painful.

I think I will take the easier less invasive way to treat these by clipping them shorter. We have dog nail clippers and it should be reletively easy. I noticed that some people actually choose to pull them off. That looks painful and I don’t want any blood in my coupe. That will only cause more problems.

So we did it. We used the pet nail clippers and clipped off those ugly spurs. I turned her on her back on my lap while I held her legs up. The Country Man clipped of the nasty intruders. The first time we did see blood and we used the powder that came with the clippers to make the blood clot. It worked well. We proceeded to do the next spur hoping that if we didn’t go as deep we wouldn’t see blood. But, to no avail we still did. So on with the clotting powder.

It didnt seem to bother her much. She barely moved and didn’t make a peep. When I let her go she walked fine and was off looking for bugs in the yard. She found the compost pile and went to town. We left her on her own for the rest of the day. She was a little distraught about being out side of the run but we didn’t want to take the chance of having blood in the flock.

By evening it was scabbed over and she went to join her sisters in the coupe. It turned out to be much easier than I expected and all is well with my chooks.

Any of you have to deal with hen issues like this? I’m always curious to see how others might fix these sillly problems. Let me know and leave a comment.

Happy Chicken Keeping!

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