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My Mini Mud Room

January 9, 2017

Here in Southern California houses are not built with mud rooms. The weather here does not warrant such a space in a house. Really? Today we are having rain. In fact this whole week rain is in the forecast. Horray! It is much needed. But a muddy house is not in my agenda.


Hence, the little mini mud room and boot tree. I have devised a small portion of my kitchen, right near the sliding glass door as our mud room. The door leads out to the side yard and this is the main door we all use to get to the back yard. The door works great for this purpose and we can step outside onto a concrete patio. Great plus!

Yet because of the animals and garden we still get in the mud. Its healthy to get muddy. Did you know that? The soil if full of healthful bacteria that can build our immune system. More on that later.

This is my corner mud room. I use a magazine rack for wet shoes, dog leash, and anything that comes in the house that is dirty. On the side wall I have hot glue clothes pins to secure gloves, head lamp, etc that might be dirty and is only used for the outside chores.

My boot tree was made by my son. It works so great sitting by my slider door even in the rain. He made it out of pallets that he disassembled. It holds 4 pair of our rubber boots we use regularly for chores. It keeps my boots dry on the inside and free of bugs. Here in So. Cal. we have alot of black widows that like cool dark places. The have been staying clear of my boots and I have no worries about sticking my foot in them first thing in the morning. If it rains the boots get cleaned off of any muck left on there from that days chores.










I got all these ideas on pinterest of course. That seems to be such a fab place to get any diy advice. Follow me on pinterest to see more of my future projects.


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