Our Flock

December 26, 2016


In our journey to become more self sufficient we are always learning.
A few years ago for Father’s Day we got Dad an extremely memorable gift. Two young hens or pullets. We decided on Rhode Island Reds since they are known and bread for laying eggs and they don’t get broody. Broody is when a chicken sets on her eggs to incubate and hatch them.
Because we live in the suburbs we can’t have a rooster to fertilize our eggs. Starting off with just two hens seemed appropriate for us. It was a tremendous learning experience. What fun we had.


My hubby built a small chicken coupe with a small run attached using a shipping crate he got from work. He is the king of reuse and recycle. The kids painted it and it was lovely. Or as lovely as we could imagine.

After a few months two chickens were not enough. Two eggs a day did very little to decrease our grocery bill and feed a family of six so we decided we needed more.

During this time our daughter fell in love with the chickens and decided she wanted to join 4H and take a chicken class. What a fabulous learning experience it was. Both kids and I were able to attend and the class and it was fascinating. Through the teacher we were able to order 3 more chickens. Then we were able to add 3 more to our glorious flock.

With a flock of 5 we were enjoying our chickens so much we new we wanted more. With that in mind my hubby started planning a larger coupe. He new he wanted it more appropriate . Of course he hit pinterest to obtain all the info he could. He also gains ton of info from Youtube.

My daughter was soon to have a birthday so I knew she would love to have some chickens of her own. During this time we founda few blogs that were full of great info for the new chicken keepers.

So we ordered 4 more. We decided to get these as chicks. A new experience for us. We made a brooder out of a storage box and a light and on we went.

My hubby started on the new plans for the larger coupe and a rearrangement of the back yard.

Today we are getting 8 eggs a day…..What a great blessing. The chickens are so fun and really a minimal of effort. They are pets that benefit the whole family. We get farm fresh eggs daily, a decrease in the grocery budget, and a conversation piece for all our guests.

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