Productive Beach Trip

July 5, 2016




We have our family traditions and I am always trying to implement as may as I can so my children can have fond memories to look back on. They now have the opportunity to look forward to our yearly traditions.

We try to hit the beach on Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day, and this year we went the day after Independence Day. We live about an hour’s drive away and like to make a whole day trip of it.

This trip was no exception yet the weather was not as pleasurable as we had anticipated. The forecast said it would clear up by 1 pm but the clouds had a different agenda. It was cool when we arrived at low tide about 11:00. We set up our day cam
and of course the kids went immediately to the water. Isn’t it funny how cold water doesn’t even bother them as long as it’s the waves.

The Country Man got busy on his mission to make this a productive trip. Yes, some fertilizer for the homestead. He is a chemist even though he doesn’t know it.





Of course with all his research behind him he had devised a plan. He came prepared as always and went to work. He gathered seaweed to ferment.

He brought home the seaweed, dried it out, crushed it up and mixed it with his compost to create a rich planting soil. The seaweed is full of nutrients to benefit the soil and make it healthful for any plant.

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