Why Weeds Are Helpful in My Lawn

November 20, 2016

Here in the suburbs of Southern California everyone has a lawn in their front yard. That’s how we all grew up. Play in the front yard, mow the grass, pick the weeds were just the regular things all the kids did on our block.

But today it seems a bit different. Most families have gardeners and don’t take part in the mainentance of front yard landscape. We have a pretty large front yard and the kids love to play in it with their neighborhood friends. They also help keep it looking nice but, but we don’t pull the weeds. We harvest them.

Our front lawn has more purpose than just for looks. I look forward to the spring when the weeds come back. Weeds are very helpful to our homestead. When there is an abundance of weeds we use them wisely.

We feed them to the animals. Our rabbits love the leafy greens and our chickens love any kind of grass we can find.

Dandelions are especially sweet to our rabbits. They are also healthful for our dinner salad. We do not use any kind of pesticide or week killer in our yard so all things growing are up for grabs. I’m learning to use more volunteer plants in my yard in my cooking, but I have a ways to go yet.

By harveting weeds from our yard we can cut feed costs for the animals and feed them heathful fresh food. Healthy animals are always happier and cutting costs gives us a healthy homestead budget
which makes me happy.

I will continue to search for more edible weeds in my yard and learn more about eating them. Here are some resources I plan to check out.


Front Yard Forager
Back Yard Forager

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